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ESORI aronia

Direct aronia juice made from sun-ripened aronia berries. The direct juice, with its fruity and tart taste, is obtained from the first pressing and contains no additives such as preservatives, colourings or flavourings.
Content: 500 ml

ESORI omega3

Dietary supplement, contains omega-3 fatty acids (oils), Vitamins D3, E and K2.

ESORI omega3 „family-pack“

ESORI omega3 ”family pack“ is a money-saving package containing 3 bottles of ESORI omega3.

ESORI vitamins

ESORI vitamins is a multivitamin product which supplies the body with vitamins and antioxidants such as OPCs. Various red berries give the product its unmistakable, spicy taste.

ESORI vitamins „family-pack“

The ESORI vitamins “family pack“ is a money-saving package containing 3 boxes of ESORI vitamins containing 30 sachets each.

ESORI minerals

ESORI minerals is a dietary mineral product enriched with Vitamins K2 and D3. It also contains various trace elements and substances with prebiotic AND probiotic effects.

ESORI minerals „family-pack“

The ESORI minerals “family pack“ is a money-saving package containing 3 30-sachet boxes of ESORI minerals.

ESORI "nutrition-pack"

ESORI “nutrition pack” is a package containing a combination of dietary supplements: 2x ESORI omega3, 1x ESORI vitamins and 1x ESORI minerals.